Truth Social is Live - And I'm Thrilled To Be There

Since leaving Facebook I've been actively exploring other alternatives and now I've settled on two that have emerged as being my favorites.

First is The Torah Network. This has been a wonderful platform to meet other believers in Yeshua who want to walk as did our Messiah. It will remain as a favorite spot of mine to fellowship with the body of Messiah. However, I also want to share the music that Yahuwah gives me with the rest of the world, and that is where Truth Social comes into play.

I've been on Gab, Parler, and Gettr. They each have their pros and cons, but even after the short time I've been on Truth, I think that Truth is going to emerge as the favorite platform amongst the populace, for a large part because President Trump has made it his social media home. Truth seems to be working fine now that they've moved to Rumble's cloud servers.

So what about your other accounts...

I'll be keeping the Gab and Gettr accounts as backups, but will be actively posting to Truth.


Gab unfortunately has a high concentration of anti-Jewish sentiment on it. Not saying everyone or even most, it's just that Gab takes their pure free speech stance seriously and that means that people who can't post anywhere else go there. I once posted a Happy Hanukkah post to a Christian group there and was surprised at the anger I got back in return. It doesn't help that the CEO is NOT friendly to Messianic believers. He even sent out an anti-sabbath article using Gab's News email list. THE NEWS EMAIL LIST. They have positives too including that that they have their own infrastructure and servers and are free speech absolutists. I'll probably keep an account open there as a backup.


Gettr is perfectly fine alternative to Twitter. But from my view, it seems to be stuck as being perceived as being mostly a political site. I don't get much interaction posting about other things aside from the news and politics. And I find myself primarily using it for that purpose.


Parler had a brief moment of glory before Amazon pulled the plug on their cloud hosting servers. It was eye opening moment for everyone, after being billed as the social media site to fight "Big Tech", it was rather shocking to find that they were literally using "Big Tech" servers. Even still, Parler might have been able to make a come back, but they seemed to lose trust once they struck a deal with Amazon, ditched their free speech CEO, and reopened without the glory of having stuck to their guns. At least that's what it looked like to me.

In short... Parler is a ghost town now. Nothing is happening there right now. I don't see myself posting here again.


I've said before that Truth Social can succeed with the overwhelming force of President Trumps gravitational pull. But aside from that, Truth being on Rumble's servers makes them resistant (invincible remains to be seen) to cancellation. The site seems to be working pretty smoothly considering the massive amount of people hopping on now. And I'm getting real interactions. Like, way more than I ever got on Gettr.

Trump was wise when he chose "Truth Social" as the name. It's easy to remember, and the site has a pleasant non-political feel about it, despite all the politicians and pundits on the site. And that will go a long way in the longevity of the platform.

The bottom line.......

Give me a follow on Truth Social!

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