The Torah Network - A Social Media Platform for the Messianic Believer

Shalom everyone,

Since coming to realize that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the rest have political agendas which contradict my faith, (they hate our guts) I've been in search for alternatives. Fortunately this is a void which many people are starting to fill. I'm on several platforms, posting to some more than others. There are pros and cons with them all, but one thing they all share in common. The believers in Yeshua, those that follow Torah, they are few and far between on these alternative platforms. Can't say I blame them too much. Most of the free speech platforms out there are loaded with political exiles from cyberspace. Oh don't get me wrong, places like Gab and Parlor can be a great place to get news that you won't hear on major networks. But alas the community of faith, specifically those of us who keep Sabbath, who celebrate Passover and Sukkot, well there hasn't really been any place that I'm aware of in digital real estate that was made especially for us. Until now...

The Torah Network has arisen, and I'm thrilled to see it rise. So much so, that I had to share it with you. The platform is clean and fairly easy to navigate. But more importantly, it was built for you, believers in Yeshua, who love God's word and want to connect with other like minded people. There's some basic things in their terms of service that they want their community to agree on, but it is very reasonable.

You can create a group, post articles, and even advertise products by making listings. It's an impressive setup that can only get better with support from the community of faith and the blessing of the God of Israel.

So without further delay, please make your way to their site and consider setting up your own profile. And of course subscribe to yours truly and Aromem!

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