Sharing the Name of God With Others

If you are someone who Yahuwah has revealed His Name to, then you are truly blessed. But you've also been given massive responsibility. Now you know His Name and speak it, what you do and say will now reflect upon the God you serve. In Scripture we see ancient Israel, a society that had His Name and actively spoke it in their community. This is good, this is what Yahuwah wanted, but when they went astray, when they ceased act as God's people should, they brought dishonor upon His Name.

So bear His Name with fear and trembling. You have both the power to bring honor to His Name, or to disgrace it in the eyes of those around you. You are essentially an ambassador both powerful in that you represent the king that sent you, and completely weak in that you yourself have no authority that your King has not given you. Everything you do reflects upon the King that sent you. (Yeah no pressure right?) Today we are talking about 4 ways you share the Name of Yahuwah with those around you.

  1. With The Holy Spirit

Know and understand that it is the Spirit of Yah that is doing this work in our day. It was the Spirit of Yahuwah who did this work in you. And by golly we better have His Spirit alive and well in us when we share His Name. It is not your responsibility to make this change happen in people. Your job as an ambassador is to speak the words that your King has given you and let Him take care of the rest. This should a relief to you, because even if the person doesn't accept it right away, you've done your job. And more importantly a seed has been planted that Yahuwah can bring to harvest. Words spoken by the Holy Spirit's leading will have far more effect than any debate point that you and I might come up with.

  1. With Humility

Most of us that know about God's Name were not born that way. And as stated in the first point this was a work of Yahuwah in your life. It would be a tragedy for us to treat the Name of God like some kind of Bible code that we cracked making us the intellectual superiors to those around us. As scripture says, Yahuwah resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. Do you really that Yahuwah is going to let man take credit for making His Name great in the earth? I don't think so. So before we open our mouths, lets make sure that a prideful heart is not what's going to have a voice.

  1. With Love

All that we know, all we say, all that we do doesn't mean a thing if we do not have the love of the Messiah Yeshua within us too. When we share the Name with just your run of the mill Christian which maybe has never heard this, are we looking at that person as a brother or sister in Messiah? Because whether we are talking to a spiritually mature person who knows how to say His Father's Name or we talking to a babe who just knows how to say da da da da. (and believe me when people say “The LORD” that is essentially what they are doing). We are all family in the Messiah Yeshua, and you cannot, I repeat cannot be effective sharing His Name if it is not done in love.

  1. With Music

This is my area of expertise. Sharing the Name of God with music can be extremely effective at getting people used to it. I have personally have had people tell me that they were at first uncomfortable using the Name of God until they heard it in song, and now they like it. We are going back to that first point again, it's because of the Holy Spirit's work through worship. So if you are musician perhaps you have been called to be an ambassador of God's Name through song. Perhaps Yahuwah has called you not to preach, not to debate, but to sing.

I really hope this helps guys. And if there is one thing I want you to take away from this is that it's not your job to make the seeds grow, it's not even your job to make sure the seeds fall on good ground. All we do is scatter the seeds and let the Spirit of Yahuwah do His work. And He is more than up for the task.

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