We Need To Pray For Parler

Welp... no sooner had I begun to enjoy Parler did it get taken down. And I am not satisfied to simply just look for another platform. I believe that we need to seriously pray that Parler will get all of the infrastructure they need to operate independent and free. Because without Yahuwah's help, this won't stop with Parler. A quick google search shows just how these powerful people view us.

I have been looking to get set up on Gab. But once again I'm told by the same said powerful people that Gab should not be around either.

Yeah... okay, thanks for that incredibly non-biased assessment of the platforms.

So what do we do? We get down on our knees of course! Hold the line! Be certain that this is a battle raging in the spiritual and we cannot afford to let down our guard. I've decided to leave my Parler icon up on my website for awhile to remind me and others to pray for those that want to give us a voice and a means of communicating with each other.

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