A Short Fasting Testimony

My return this year for taxes was not insignificant, but 8 weeks later after electronically filing the funds were still not deposited. I had prayed continuously asking Yah to help. But weeks went by and nothing seemed to move. Feeling rather discouraged I had almost given up on it.

One day my wife relayed to me something that she had heard from her aunt regarding prayer and fasting. The aunt had said that praying for something is a lot like fighting an unknown alien species. (Just bear with us here) She said that you don't actually know what weapons are effective against it, so you try them all. You pray, and if that doesn't work, you fast.

I didn't grow up fasting, I did it once a year during Yom Kippur and that was more than enough for me. I can see people fasting all through Scripture, but honestly I have no earthly idea of why it works. I see many godly people using it to great success in Scripture, but I don't know why it's causing damage to the enemy. What does my stomach have to do with this? I'm still learning and hope to explore this topic further, but in that moment of desperation I decided to give it a go. Maybe a little hunger would prove to be this alien's weakness.

It wasn't a very impressive fast. I ate lunch at work and decided that I wouldn't eat anything till sunset. I would go a whole 7 hours without food. Yes you heard me... 7 hours. I like food. A lot. So even with that pathetic amount of time, I felt it. I honestly wondered if it counted at all. I thought at least I should wait till the morning. But I didn't have the stamina and decided to break the fast at sunset.

THE VERY NEXT MORNING... Not only had the IRS reviewed the return, but the money was IN THE BANK. I was amazed at Yah's power and honesty baffled at how my pathetic attempt at fasting had proved to be the "alien's weak point". I still don't know why fasting works, or why it seems to wreck havoc on the devil's kingdom. But I think I should probably use this weapon more often. Who knows... maybe I can make it till breakfast next time.

“But this kind does not go out except through prayer and fasting.”

(Mat 17:21 TS2009)

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