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Jewish Voice - Reaching out to the precious Jewish people.

Think It Thru - Challenging unbelievers to rethink their ideas about Yeshua (Jesus).

Way Of The Master - Teaching believers in Messiah (Christ) to share their Faith effectively.

Discovering The Jewish Jesus - How Jewish is Jesus?  Learn about your Jewish heritage as a believer in Yeshua (Jesus).

Homeschool Advantage - Great website on family Restoration.

Creation Science Evangelism - Great Place to Learn About the Bible, Science, and the Pitfalls of Evolution.

For Zion's Sake - Israel Humanitarian Aid Organization

Exploring Homeschooling - Exploring Homeschooling is a national Christian ministry that is introducing believers to the wonderful benefits and blessings of
Faith Based Homeschooling.

The Biblical Holidays - If you as a Christian are going to celebrate holidays, why not God's?  Learn about God's Appointed Times at this insightful website.

The Association of Messianic Home Educators - Serving the Messianic community by sharing God's design of raising and educating children, based upon the Deu 6 model.  Serving the Christian Homeschool community by teaching about every believer's Hebraic heritage.
The Digital Tuter - This computer based program is designed to help fathers obey God's command to train and instruct their children. It combines high quality video instruction from a biblical worldview with computer based learning and tracking to put a powerful tool into a busy father's hands for delivering Bible based education to his children.

Naturally Crafted Candles - Beautifully made candles from beeswax for regular home use or special occasion like Hannukah.

Still Waters Pottery - This is a wonderful website to go to if you're looking for beautifully handcrafted pottery, created by a servant who recognizes the Great Potter's Hand in her life.
Betrothed (Documentary) - The great mystery (Eph 5:32-33) is revealed through the love story of Brayden & Talitha Waller.  See the power of our covenant relationship with Yeshua by watching this couple's betrothal and marriage celebration.  This is a don't miss, excellent, good quality documentary that the whole family can enjoy.
To Be One - New exciting video sharing a fresh Biblical vision for marriage.
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